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At Vates our outstanding employees give us the competitive advantage we need to continue growing year after year. We choose creative, innovative, and proactive personnel who are dedicated to creating a positive working environment.


Our People

Although each work team possesses individual objectives for a product, client or service, we continuously promote the global objectives of the organization such as diversity, respect, and the regular exchange of experiences.

We believe that the most innovative ideas, the best solutions, and the spirit of collaboration will flourish under the right conditions. For this reason we maintain a work environment that allows each employee to carry out their tasks to the best of their abilities.

The great people who work with Vates add value to each project that makes a real difference to our clients.

Talent Formation

Not only do we surround ourselves with talented specialists but we also offer the possibility to participate in continuous training programs, increasing the potential of each employee based on their professional development interests.

Talent Link is our unique resource allocation and training system that provides clear visibility of all client projects and Vates talent. This allows specific skills in software engineering, languages, and platforms to be allocated in an efficient manner that maximizes performance.