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Vates Hive

The Vates Hive is the company’s epicenter of activity, buzzing with the positive and collaborative energy needed to create an excellent product.
Vates is in constant motion as we explore ideas and make them a reality for our consumers. Our highly qualified work teams account for every detail as we provide the support our clients need to stay on the cutting edge.

The main objective at Vates is research and development of innovations that significantly optimize the technology that Vates uses day to day. We are constantly seeking to improve our services and offer better solutions to our clients.

Our ongoing Investigation projects are based on original research that seeks to uncover new knowledge and deeper understandings in science and technology.

Development at Vates is understood as an application of the results of investigation or scientific knowledge for the design of new materials, products, processes and production systems, or the improvement of preexisting elements.

We see technology innovation as an activity that allows us to provide new products or production processes, significantly more advanced than their predecessors.

These innovations offer substantial benefits to clients as new elements are integrated or substantial improvements are applied to the systems already in place.
As main activities for this area we highlight:

  • new-tech

    Incorporation of
    new technologies

  • evaluation

    Evaluation and
    selection of tools

  • development-framework

    of frameworks

  • collaboration

    Collaboration with the
    internal areas

  • optimization

    Quality Optimization
    and test lab

Each year Vates dedicates a great effort to consolidating the Hive.

We are dedicated to the investigation of processes, new methodologies, new technologies, and tools. Our passion for innovation is the motor that drives our company’s activity.

The numerous projects we have completed since our founding in 1991 have given us the experience to implement methodologies and tools in controlled environments and obtain objective data on the improvements they may offer for us, and more importantly, for our clients.

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