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Work at Vates

Why work with us?

At Vates we offer the opportunity to form part of a professional team that enjoys the challenges posed by the latest generation of software products. We love technology! If you appreciate challenge, excellence, and creating useful solutions, come check out our people, our projects and the opportunities we have for you. As part of our team you will:
  • Work in a flexible environment where we prioritize human relationships, integrity, respect, and common commitment;
  • Develop yourself professionally through our ongoing training and language programs;
  • Participate in national and international projects, broadening your professional horizons;
  • Belong to a solid and dynamic technology company – a leader in the market;
  • Have the opportunity to work in our offices in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santiago, Chile and Silicon Valley.

Join our team, check out our vacancies!

Our engineers have the knowledge necessary to undertake projects with a broad range of characteristics. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work. Our maturity and ample knowledge of agile methodologies and the implementation of Quality Models, certified by international standards, allow us to prioritize the selection of best practices for each of the projects we undertake. Our highly qualified employees are constantly seeking personal, professional, and team growth. Each one of our 400 team members gives their best effort which enables us to obtain excellence in software and communication solutions for each commitment that we take on. If you would like to form part of our team, we invite you to check out our open positions, send us your resume, and complete the application form.