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About us

Vates is dedicated to software development, testing, quality control and R&D.

Since 1991, we have been devoted to providing IT products and services to corporations and governments, always following the strictest quality standards.

From our headquarters in Cordoba, Argentina, with offices in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, we have been providing global IT solutions to our international clients for over 25 years.

Our Level 5 CMMI and

ISO 9001/90003 certifications have
provided a solid foundation on which to
build experience.


We utilize agile frameworks and take an
iterative-based, incremental approach
which optimizes predictability and reduces
risk during the development process.

The vision of our company is to be recognized and be a leader, in terms of the
quality of its products and services,by its clients, employees, shareholders, providers, and the regional, national
and international community.