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Alliances and Partnership


In Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Mexico, and all over the world, there are organizations dedicated to the service of the most important technologies and business solutions at an international level.

The goal of having a group of innovative companies in the province of Cordoba that are recognized in the national market, with their own technology development and a growing presence in foreign markets, increased the need to value this sector by means of a cooperative association that generates synergy and empowers each part.

That it is how the Cluster Córdoba Technology came into existence.


It is an organization made up of the most important technology companies based in Cordoba, Argentina, which, by means of the creation of a Cluster, have agreed to join efforts to develop and offer technological solutions at an international level. The complementary and interconnected companies and institutions maintain a high level of competitive rivalry, but also cooperate in order to improve the productivity of the group by establishing agreements, celebrating strategic alliances, and searching for and receiving investment proposals.


Local companies with internationally-recognized technology.

Global IT and communications companies.

Local companies with recognized technology.

Thousands of specialized professionals and technicians. company_alliances


“The members of the Cluster have decided to set up the base of our business activities in Córdoba, the place where our companies were born and where we have decided to live. From here, we will develop our business commitment to the community.

On the other hand, we will reaffirm our strong conviction and our intention of opening ourselves to the world by assuming the internationalization efforts of our activities while promoting alliances and integration with foreign companies.

At the same time, we assert our firm commitment of adding other actors, public and private, to the Cluster development project, by definitely widening its frontiers.

We assume a strong commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

We state our intention of becoming important opinion leaders of the sector, assuming the institutional participation of the Cluster, collaborating and relating ourselves to the different companies of the sector.”


It is an unquestionable advantage for the Cluster Córdoba Technology and the development of technological activities in the region that there are university educational institutions with the potential of specialization in technical knowledge relevant to the sector.

More than 400 years of a well-known international career in the education of university professionals in different areas are added to the growing educational capacity of both public and private, national and international institutions, oriented to the education of specialized IT resources.


It is important to mention, as a pivotal element and one that generates opportunities, the existence in Cordoba of qualified human resources, some of whom have already specialized within the companies of the region and others which have the possibility of doing so in the future.

In the same way, it is important to mention the growing presence of related services providers and institutions of specific technical support