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Management Team


Bernardo Barra


Bernardo has been with Vates for over 16 years. He is a partner in the company and currently holds the title of CEO.

Bernardo has gained extensive leadership experience through the various positions he has held in the organization. As Project Manager and Project Leader he has headed projects for many large clients in Argentina as well as abroad. Bernardo has been active in all CMM/CMMi and ISO certification assessments that have been accredited to Vates.

Bernardo has worked in IT for over 20 years and his experience is varied, from work with the government of Cordoba, to software development for private companies.

Born in Cordoba, Argentina, Bernardo is an Engineer in Information Systems, graduate of the National Technological University of Cordoba. He also holds an MBA from the Catholic University of Cordoba (ICDA).


Rosana Bonnet

Quality Control Manager

Rosana Bonnet began working with Vates in 1998 and has managed the company’s Quality Control Department since 2004. Her responsibilities include planning and quality control of products, processes and certifications.

Rosana has worked in a wide range of positions: developer, tester, functional analyst, project leader, quality analyst, and trainer. Among her many outstanding achievements is her leadership of the International Quality Certifications that the company has received: CMM 3, CMMI 4, CMMI 5, and ISO 9001:2008.

Rosana is a Systems Engineer, graduate of the National Technological University. She is currently finalizing a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at the Catholic University of Cordoba.


Emiliano Laborda

Software Development Manager

Emiliano Laborda, our current Software Development Manager, has more than 15 years experience with Vates.

Emiliano has worked previously as Program Manager and Project Manager and holds vast experience in the development of software focused on Microsoft and Java technologies. He has extensive knowledge of best practices thanks to his participation in all CMM/CMMI and ISO certification tests.

Previously, he worked for 3 years as a consultant, specializing in company software for areas such as Automotive, Health, Pharmaceutical, and Insurance. He also worked for three years as a teacher in private institutions.

In addition to software, his passions are soccer, basketball, and music; he is a fervent Beatles fanatic.

Born in Cordoba, Argentina, Emiliano is a Systems Engineer graduated from the National Technical University of Cordoba. He is a Professional Project Manager (PMP), Scrum Master, and he holds an MBA from the Catholic University of Cordoba (ICDA).


Adrian Santa

PMO Manager

Adrian Santa is the Project Management Office Manager at Vates. He joined the company in 2008 and he currently manages the company’s operations related to software development with high SLA levels.

Throughout his career, Adrian has developed a broad range of skills such as Developer, Expert/Auditor, Technical Leader, and Project Manager/Leader, just to name a few, within VATES as well as with our various international clients (Intel, Motorola, American Airlines, HP and EDS). With over 14 years in the IT industry, Adrian has gained vast and diverse knowledge.

Adrian is our resident scholar. A graduate of the National Technical University as an Engineer and Systems Analyst, he also holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the Polytechnical University of Madrid, a Master’s in Software Engineering with emphasis in Expert Systems from the Technical Institute of Buenos Aires, a certificate in Management Engineering from the National Technical University, and he is currently completing a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).


Julio Delgado

Regional Manager

Julio Delgado has been the Country Manager for Vates Chile since 2010.

He started out in this role with the mission to initiate our commercial and operative activities in Chile and was able to achieve commercial and financial consolidation of the subsidiary in 2012.

Prior to his current position, Julio headed the Professional Services, and Software and Product Development divisions for Vates Argentina from 2004 to 2009. During this time Julio actively participated in the maturation of Vates’ development processes, helping us meet the Level 5 CMMI standard.

Julio first entered the company in 2003 in the role of Project Manager but before joining Vates he worked until 1999 as Manager of Operations, and Technical Manager of The Computer, an IBM Business Partner dedicated to products and services related to hardware and software.

Julio is an Information Systems Engineer and holds a Masters of Business Administration (UTN/IUA).