Software development firms should hire the best team to ensure increased productivity.  Studies have found a direct relationship between productivity and profitability. Organizations that hire the best developers can benefit in terms of improved output that leads to a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.  

The depth of expertise and breadth of knowledge of extraordinary software programmers is intrinsically higher compared to average programmers. They can help push your firm to the next level in terms of growth and profitability.

Why You Should Hire the Best Software Developers?

Productivity of a software developer refers to the output in a given unit of time.1 In other words, software development productivity is the ability to create quality software in a limited time. 

Various studies have shown that the best software developers are generally more productive than others. 

A seminal study by Sackman, Erikson, and Grant regarding the best and worst programmers found that the top performers were on average 10 times more productive as compared to mediocre programmers. The findings of the study also show that the initial coding time of the best programmer was 20 times better while the debugging time was 25 times better than the worst programmers. 

Moreover, another article published in the Harvard Business Review found that the best software developers were 9 times more productive as compared to the average programmers.3  The best performing IT companies hire the best software developers. They fill the software development roles with stars that make the biggest difference in performance and productivity. 

Studies have also found that the best programmers are quicker at identifying valid codes and have more sophisticated logical reasoning skills.6,7

A study by Susan Wiedenbeck published in the International Journal of Man-Machine Studies found that the best developers were significantly more accurate and faster than non-experts in writing programming codes.4 Another study by Nong Ye and Gavriel Salvendy published in the International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction found that experienced software developers had significantly more information in their working memory than novice developers.5 

The consensus among experts is that more experience in software development equals higher productivity. Hiring the best software programmers will result in higher productivity that will benefit the firm in the following ways.  

1. Reduced Costs

The best software developers can complete the job in less time. They also won’t require any training and can perform the task on their own with no supervision. The best developers have more experience and can design complex solutions. They will start contributing soon after joining. This will result in reduced cost and improved profitability for the company. 

2. Increased Flexibility  

The best software developers will be more flexible in tackling IT projects. They will easily adjust to the varying demands of different tasks. 

Hiring star software developers will ensure that the team will remain productive irrespective of the complexity of the task. This translates into successful outcomes for software development projects. 

3. Improved Quality Output

High performing software developers will provide an improved quality output as compared to mediocre developers. The best developers have vast knowledge on the best software development practices. They have deep knowledge about agile and DevOps methodology. Moreover, they know about the use of the latest tools to optimize workflow. They can analyze possible obstacles and deliver stable solutions using tested programming practices. 

The best developers have advanced knowledge with regards to different platforms. They know about efficient development techniques such as using evolved packet gateway and IP/MPLS edge routing for web applications. They also know how to create secure software solutions and architectures. 

Final Remarks

Hiring the best software developers will ensure that IT projects get completed in the shortest time and lowest prices possible while maintaining quality. 

Remember that being the best software developer doesn’t have anything to do with age. The differentiating factor between the best and average or mediocre developers is the level of expertise and skill, which is usually acquired through relevant experience. 

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