How Software Developers can Transform Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

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The pandemic has affected all industries to varying degrees and altered the global economy. But the pandemic has especially affected small and brick-and-mortar businesses and independent retailers.

It has changed how business processes were done and enabled modern businesses to realize the urgency of improving their digital presence. Digitalization has become essential for businesses to succeed and increase their reach. In fact, most consumers buying patterns have changed completely. This means that without a strong and effective online presence, you’re missing out on a lot of consumer traffic which can otherwise help your business succeed.

Here’s your guide on how software developing companies can help you tap into that potential.

Improved Business Growth

Did you know that the online expansion of your business is much cheaper, and of course, more effective than traditional brick-and-mortar expansion? You’ll be required to spend a lot less in comparison to rent, employee payroll, renovations, taxes, and other small and big expenses. You just need to pay for expenses involving website development, web maintenance, SEO marketing, etc., to make your online business a success.

Software Solutions Help You Manage Projects Efficiently

Thanks to software solutions, you can stay on top of your projects by tracking your progress and time. Streamlining software will drastically curtail the amount of staffing your company needs and save you more money and resources that you can allocate to other projects. Moreover, your employees will be more productive because they have an accurate idea of their daily tasks and expectations.

And that’s not all; it’ll enable you to check your employees’ progress and identify mistakes and missed deadlines.

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Through Payment Processing Software

Software developers can recommend online payment processing systems to help your business succeed as it makes it easier for your customers to conduct all transactions online. By offering your customers varying payment options, you improve payment flexibility. These factors can improve customer service, helping you earn new clients and retain older ones.

If they have a wonderful experience buying from you, they’re likely to return and become loyal customers.

These software solutions include online payments, customizable invoices, processing credit cards, bank reconciliation, safe records and storage of customer transactions and payments, reports on transactions and their statuses, etc. 

Through Retail Management Software

Software developers can help your business incorporate retail store management software with services such as inventory management, billing, invoice, managing marketing, stock verification, customer relationship management, insightful reports, and data analysis.

Improve Brand Awareness Through Customer Service Software

Software solutions can help your business tap into markets you hadn’t even considered. Moreover, it can help local foot traffic into your business by directing them to your brick-and-mortar store.

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Not only do software solutions improve your online presence, but you can also get your hands on customer service software. These will help improve your customers’ loyalty because  96% of consumers admit that the quality of customer service determines how they choose their loyalty for a brand.

Only 17% of customers will recommend your business if you provide a slow solution regardless of its effectiveness.


Ensure Round-The-Clock-Sales

Your customers expect more from you, and to set yourself apart from the crowd, you need to market your service 24/7. If you rely solely on your brick-and-mortar business, you’re losing the opportunity of making a profit when you’re off work.

However, software solutions help your business be available to potential customers at all hours, which is impossible without them. It’s just not feasible to open your brick-and-mortar store 24/7, and it won’t be so effective because of the hours. But an online store is easily accessible at all hours. Moreover, potential customers from all across the world can access your online store whenever they want to.

Give You Insight Through Enterprise Resource Planning Software

ERP is essential for your brick-and-mortar store. This software helps automate your stock and resources, data analysis, insightful reports based on the data, tracking and visibility, accounting, financial management, and more.

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ERPs can help you collect insightful customer data such as their age, purchase and search history, etc. With insightful reports, you can have a firm grasp of your best selling products. Moreover, with ERPs, your inventory will be automatically restocked.

Moreover, you can also improve internal communication across human resources, supply chain and other departments.  

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