How to Become an Exponential Organization – A Step-by-Step Guide

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In recent years, every industry has been going through a quick multi-dimensional change. The creation of online spaces, virtualization of services, the evolution of e-commerce, and virtual health have rapidly accelerated and grown exponentially.

Technological innovation is at an all-time high, and it’s crucial to stay up-to-date on all the trends to stay relevant and on top of your game.

It has been determined that this is the era of the ExOs – exponential organizations. As defined by the Silicon Valley mogul Salim Ismail, Exponential organizations use small footprints to leverage the latest technologies and scale their businesses outside traditional boundaries. The world of business is growing exponentially, and modifying our organizational structures to help them thrive is very important in this ever-evolving world.

If you’re wondering how this is possible, we have a solution for you that actually works.

Any areas of inefficiency can be filled by technology. This is why our IT specialists at Vates are offering some of the most reliable technological solutions that help businesses grow and succeed. With an in-depth knowledge of machine learning and AI, we aim to leverage the most innovative technologies to transform how organizations operate. With our software testing and quality assurance services, you can achieve enhanced workflow productivity and generate higher revenue.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become an exponential organization.

Consider Outsourcing for More Flexibility

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Just like Uber does not employ its workers, outsourcing staff is becoming a popular business trend that allows organizations to easily adapt to new market changes without doing any actual work.

Offshore staffing enables companies to access a team of skilled professionals without a legal, infrastructure, or back-office work. One of the biggest advantages of offshore staffing is getting rapid delivery cycles and fully developed software systems in a short amount of time. Organizations have to wait for months to see their applications and software programs succeed in the market. An inexperienced in-house team with a limited budget isn’t likely to get you fast results.

But with an outsourcing company, organizations are provided with the latest technologies and a vast pool of resources that will give your business a competitive advantage and a greater market share. With a team of skilled developers in your company, you can relax and focus on the core business activities. You will not have to spend time training your staff and micromanaging their activities to have a high-quality product in a short development time.

Outsourcing is also extremely cost-effective. Every business owner sets a goal to lower their operational costs and have increased profit margins. But when you have to purchase new equipment, train the software development team, and invest in maintenance and support, staying on budget is very difficult.

This is why when you’re outsourcing your software development needs, you will have a high-quality product at a reasonable price without any additional expenditure on essential tools and equipment.

Adding Credibility to a Trend with Community

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Every exponential organization recognizes the true power of a community. Brands like Apple, Harley Davidson, Jira, etc., have highly engaged communities that are entirely dedicated to them. This makes their customers feel connected and experience a sense of belonging in a unified group.

Organizations need to develop a collaborative mindset to build successful communities. The proactive support of people adds momentum and credibility to a trend, application, or product that no other marketing strategy can ever help to achieve. Exponential organizations are built with a strong community because this helps them organically scale their business and easily gain the trust of their customers.

Big Data Analytics

Several brands and organizations are currently gravitating toward big data analytics and big data fusion technologies to create a more successful and cohesive business model. Big data analytics is one of the most useful technologies for businesses that are dealing with an overwhelming amount of data every single day.

Since this is the era of human-generated and machine-generated content, finding a way to support stream processing and using big data strategies to properly analyze meaningful information is important. Big data analytics helps to find out exactly what your customers are looking for. These data analytics are highly effective when it comes to finding out what you need to change in your organization to generate higher revenue.

Big data can be used to study the pattern of consumers, identify trends, and create targeted campaigns to exceed customer expectations. Technologies like machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) allow companies to easily sift through data sets from multiple sources and gain accurate insights.

If you’re in search of a reliable team of big data consultants, look no further. At Vates, we have a highly-qualified team of IT specialists that excel in big data management and AI. Our team of experts has decades of experience when it comes to providing unparalleled technological solutions and can help your organization sustainably reach new heights.

You can reach out to us at any time and learn more about our custom software development services and big data consultation. With our help, you will have the most robust IT infrastructure that will set you apart from your competitors.

A Smart Interface

One of the essential components of a software program or an application for an organization is the user interface. Exponential organizations have organized and customized processes for their user interface.

Your company’s interface should focus more on creating a user-friendly design rather than something too complicated to understand. A UI should be task-oriented, simple, and engaging. Make sure it is creative, colorful, and contains elements that are consistent with what your brand represents.

Another way to make your UI optimized is by achieving a balance between functionality, style, and usability. A single screen that displays information in an organized way is more visually impactful.

Just make sure you’re performing comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research to find out what your customers want to see and work with. Gathering insights is very helpful when it comes to redesigning and engineering a premium-quality personalized experience on your interface.

You Cannot Ignore Software Testing

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When you’re running an organization, having a successful software system that improves operational efficacy and automates laborious manual tasks is very important. But developing a software system for your company does not come without any obstacles and challenges. This is where software testing is beneficial.

Software testers and developers are committed to finding gaps and errors in a software system that is still under development. This ensures that any defects and errors in the application are detected beforehand and mitigated instantly.

Hiring external software testing and QA services is always recommended, especially if you don’t have the proper tools and in-house expertise to carry out this process. At Vates, we have a dedicated team of software developers who are offering quality software testing services. We can help you understand the various types of software tests we perform and create a personalized mechanism for your organization to improve your workflow productivity.

With software testing, you will have a superior software system with shortened release cycles and a smooth running product without any glitches.

Real-Time Communication

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When you’re aiming to become an exponential organization, real-time communication can really make a difference. Reducing the time for conversations helps to make your marketing and sales more engaging, rapid, and effective.

Reaching out to your clients and customers via a cloud-based platform will make your business appear more appealing. You can also consider providing your customers with a live chat option so they can have a real-time conversation with one of your representatives and stay interested in your business.

Our IT specialists also recommend utilizing cloud-based collaboration tools to connect with different teams and customers globally. Cloud-based platforms allow companies to connect with their customers and clients at any time and from anywhere.

Get Started with Vates

Being an experienced IoT solution and consulting company, we comprise a team of highly skilled professionals who can help you modify your organization’s IT infrastructure. We have thirty years of experience in providing the most reliable IT solutions and have helped many companies navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving world of technology.

We create high-quality prototypes of software, excel in big data management, and offer Agile software development services to help your organization enhance its operations with the latest technology.

We work in multiple time zones, so you never have to worry about addressing the needs of your global clientele. Our services include custom software development services, system integration services, software quality control and testing services, big data consulting, and much more.

With our premium-quality software development services, we have established a sturdy reputation as one of the leading software development companies internationally. Our team of IT professionals will comprehensively observe your existing IT systems and provide tailored recommendations to help you become an industry leader.

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