How to Become an Exponential Organization in 4 Steps

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Every fledgling start-up is working towards becoming a multi-million-dollar conglomerate. Successful business owners know this can be easily achieved with a unique idea, a killer marketing strategy, a dedicated team, and the implementation of advanced technologies.

Every industry around the globe collectively experienced a major shift that shook up the entire IT ecosystem post-pandemic. The increasing demand for rapid delivery, personalized customer experience, virtualization of services, and efficient communication has been made possible with emerging technologies. These include big data analytics, cloud computing, IoT integration, and quality custom software products.

Companies that have been growing sustainably and exponentially with the use of these technologies are called exponential organizations.

Exponential organizations leverage the latest technologies to scale rapidly without increasing their physical assets or human capital. The areas of inefficiency in their company are filled by technology.

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Now that you’re ready to transform your business with advanced technologies let’s take a comprehensive look at how your company can become a successful ExO.

1. The Awake Session

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Before a company can begin its journey of becoming an exponential organization, it must first note what is happening in the world. Becoming aware of the industry’s trends and happenings is called the “awake session.”

An awake session can be structured in the following way:

  • Observing the exponential technological advancements happening around the globe
  • Your competitors and entrants using this technology
  • Start-ups that are rapidly and easily achieving their corporate goals
  • The unparalleled opportunities that exponential technologies have unlocked
  • Ways to benefit from these opportunities by becoming an exponential organization

Collecting this information during an awake session is crucial to recognize your potential as an exponential organization and can help you determine the steps you need to take.

2. Maximizing Optimization with IT Staff Augmentation

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The next step of becoming an ExO is to fill in the inefficiencies in your IT department with skilled experts. The concept of IT staff augmentation is gaining fast traction since it allows companies to boost business productivity without breaking the bank.

Training and hiring a new in-house IT team every time you initiate a project can be expensive and time-consuming. But with IT staff augmentation, organizations are now able to recruit qualified IT professionals from an offshore company to wrap up short-term projects in a time-efficient manner.

These skilled IT technicians have extensive experience in providing quality services and can help you save time and money. Since small-scale companies are always looking for cost-effective solutions, we recommend outsourcing IT services to access a pool of affordable resources.

This practice will accelerate service and product delivery with valuable outcomes and shorter development cycles.

At Vates, we provide the most reliable IT staff augmentation services to help you optimize your workflow productivity and streamline business processes. We have a team of industry-leading software developers and engineers with decades of experience providing advanced IT solutions. With our IT infrastructure specialists, we can help you become an exponential organization with cutting-edge technology and custom software.

3. Using Big Data Analytics

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Since this is the era of content creation, most organizations are filled with inundating unorganized data. A report reveals that by the year 2025, around 463 exabytes of data will be created every single day.

This is why today, exponential organizations are investing in big data management tools to gain valuable insights and enhance customer experience.

Big data analytics have completely changed the way organizations operate since it allows companies to store structured and unstructured data. These robust analytics help gauge customer reactions and study trends so businesses can become more flexible to the evolving economic environment.

Big data analytics can help you devise tailored marketing strategies to drive engagement. Many ExOs in the healthcare sector is using data to identify potential diseases and create cutting-edge therapeutic treatments. These tools can also help you pinpoint exactly where you need to make changes in your campaigns to meet customer demand.

4. The AI Algorithm

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AI and machine learning are one of the simplest ways to boost cybersecurity, build a sturdy customer relationship, and enhance operational efficacy.

Machine learning is used to capture a large amount of data and organize it. For example, smart energy management systems gather data using sensors that are affixed to different assets in a company. This data is then contextualized with machine-learning algorithms and sent to the company’s decision-makers to study patterns and maintenance demands.

AI is also very beneficial in protecting one’s company from cyberattacks and threats. AI systems can immediately recognize any cyber threats from data input and prevent future threats with maximized protection.

AI has evolved CRM (customer relationship management) systems with advanced software that can regularly update and auto-correct any information to enhance relationship management.

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