How to Find the Right App Developer for Your Business

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The app development industry is growing by the day. Reports show that more than 60% of global businesses are actively investing in software and app development services. While app developers aren’t very difficult to come across, finding a reliable one can be a major challenge.

A professional web and app developer is the mainstay of a successful project. Businesses need to invest time and money in hiring a credible and experienced app developer to ensure desired results. Rushing into the process can lead to several unwanted project delays, financial burdens, and data losses.

Vates is a nearshore custom software and app testing company offering impeccable IT solutions to businesses across Chile, Atlanta, and Argentina. We’re well-versed in the most advanced tools and techniques for developing, testing, and running high-performance apps. In this detailed blog, our team has highlighted the main qualities of a professional app developer. As a business manager who wants to get an app made or tested, you should keep this ultimate checklist handy to prevent issues down the road.

Discuss with Your Team

Before you dive straight into hiring a web or app developer, schedule a meeting with your team. The sole objective of this meeting should be to identify the what, why, and how of a new app for your business. Creating a technological offering such as a website, mobile app, or software is a big step. Depending on efficiency, usability, and effectiveness, it can make or break a business’s reputation and market share.

Discussing the ins and outs of a new application with your team will also help you set reachable, realistic, and result-oriented goals. These goals will ultimately help you locate an app developer fit for your needs. At Vates, our professional software development and IT consultancy teams define failure as a new opportunity to learn and grow.

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Start the Research

Once you have a clear plan of action and all the team members are on the same page, it’s time to start researching. You need to conduct holistic customer and competitor research to uncover the features that your app must possess.

Start off with identifying your target audience and users. Identify their needs, awareness, and expectations from your brand. Once you’ve created a user persona, move further with competitor analysis. See what they’re offering.

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Check their apps and test their features. Spot the grey areas and try to tap into their shortcomings. Vates can help you set up cutting-edge and long-lasting smartphone apps and software modules for maximizing customer retention and satisfaction. Our IT consultancy experts know about all the different types of digital tools, business apps, and integration networks to streamline a tech project.

Set the Criteria for Your App Developer

Now it’s time to standardize a criterion that will assist you in finding the right and qualified app developer. This list will simplify the compare and contrast process among different app design and development firms. Some of the key aspects that every business manager must consider when hiring an app developer include:

  • Online reviews
  • Expertise in a particular app design function
  • Coding proficiency
  • Programming effectiveness
  • Technology stack
  • Legal commitment and compliance
  • Communication with the client

Vates has a top-of-the-line IT consultancy and strategic planning team that can curate an attainable and pragmatic tech project timeline for your business. We start by assessing your current business model and work our way forward to meeting the desired objectives.

You can learn more about us by reading our success stories in aerospace, online trading, telecom, IoT, and smart home sectors. With Vates’ South American and agile software development teams, you can rest assured that your SME is in good hands.

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Go with a Nearshore App Development and Testing Company

While creating an in-house app development team might sound intriguing and exciting, it’s not always the most pragmatic decision, especially for small businesses. Finding, recruiting, and hiring a tech developer can be lengthy and costly. A better and more rewarding alternative to creating an in-house IT team is to outsource one.

Vates is a nearshore software development, app testing, and IT support firm with offices based in Argentina, Chile, and Atlanta. It means that you can avail our services across the regions without having to worry about time zone and geographical constraints. We also offer a wide range of high-tech services such as big data, IoT, IoB, and Atlassian solutions to help startups grow at a dramatic pace.

In addition to the pointers discussed above, you should pick an app developer with:

  • Extensive industry experience
  • A strong portfolio entailing the details of their previous projects
  • A professional degree in software designing and app development fields
  • Strong grasp of the techniques to prevent data loss and ensure end-to-end data security during data migration procedures
  • The ability to test and improve the usability, UX, and UI interface in real time according to the changing user requirements and feedback
  • Backed by a strong Atlassian solution, big data analytics, IT consulting, custom software development, and IoT teams

How Can Vates Help You Complete Your IT Project Successfully?

Vates is a credible name in the list of the most credible, high-performing, and professional IT services providers. We’re known for our robust IT consultancy, support and management, Big Data, and IoT services. Our lead is also well-versed in ExO Launchpad processes and can help you take your business to the next level!

We also offer professional software development services, update and risk mitigation, and Internet of Behavior modules. Talk to our team today and hire the best nearshore software development and IT integration team.



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