How We Hire

Top IT Talent and Developers at Vates

Vates prides itself on the team that we have created. Our developers, architects, researchers, designers, project managers, and other team members are hired according to the high standards we have created over the years.

Hiring Process

Vates’ hiring processes are constantly updated and active to ensure that your business has immediate access to the best IT experts in the industry. We have created a four-step Recruitment and Selection process that has proved to be highly valuable:

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1. Recruitment

We evaluate all profiles from our database of more than 50,000 candidates, LinkedIn, and other recruitment platforms. This helps us find the perfect candidates who can adhere to our standards of technical and soft skills, seniority, and experience. All of these activities are performed by our recruitment team with third-party and Vates automated tools.


2. Selection

Once the candidates have been pre-selected, the Selection Team consisting of analysts conducts interviews to evaluate their skill levels.


3. Technical Test

The candidates that have been approved in the selection process are given a technical test on the Codility platform. This is to test out their skills and work before hiring them.


4. Technical Interview

The last step is the technical interview where some of the more experienced Vates employees inquire about their skills. This is to evaluate any specific technical skills that weren’t covered in the test.

Hire Vates for IT Staff Augmentation Services

If your IT projects seem to be lacking due to insufficient expertise and knowledge, you can always contact us to cover the skill gaps for you. We can overcome any staffing issues that you may have, giving you the benefit of becoming agile as you adapt to the changing digital world.

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