Innovate, Disrupt, and Accelerate—Here’s How ExOs Succeed!

An exponential organizations employees working on different ideas

In the past decade, we have witnessed many startups getting successful in a short time. However, their success has little to do with luck or investments and everything to do with a new organization model: exponential organizations. An exponential organization has a 10% larger impact on the market and grows faster than other linear organizations. Many people believe that the secret to exponential growth is technology, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Vates is a system integration company that provides multiple IT services for businesses that want exponential growth. Their custom software development services, big data analytics, and IoT services help different companies benefit from new tools and technologies, boosting exponential growth.

Here’s how innovation, disruption, and acceleration help exponential organizations succeed.

Innovation—Thinking Out of the Box

One of exponential organizations’ most significant success factors is that they believe in innovative thinking and transformation. Exponential organizations turn to digital transformation to innovate their already existing procedures and products. This innovation allows ExOs to start their journey toward success.

In addition, exponential organizations experiment with the latest technologies and market trends, making them a part of their products and procedures. However, the term innovation is different for different exponential organizations. An exponential organization can create new products, while others can be innovative by adding big data and artificial intelligence algorithms to an existing product.

Vates is a system integration company that helps exponential organizations be innovative in how they like it! Vates creates customized software using big data and IoT that can help exponential organizations transform digitally.

Disruption—Following Different Strategies and Work Models

Another success factor of exponential organizations is disrupting their work environment by not sticking to the same old models and techniques. Instead, they switch to new strategies that aren’t as popular and use them for daily operations. However, that’s not the only way exponential organizations make it big.

They follow a different workplace model, where their employees have complete freedom to work on unique ideas. Exponential organizations remove the concept of hierarchy, giving employees autonomy. This means that employees learn how to handle tricky situations independently. Moreover, the leadership is more compassionate and understanding in exponential organizations, making employees appreciate and be loyal to their organization and its growth, which is the basis of success.

Acceleration—Having Huge Goals and Sticking to Them

‘Dream big to achieve big’ is the motto exponential organization follow. Every exponential organization has big goals that help them accelerate faster. These big goals are called MTP or Massive Transformative Purpose. An MTP discusses why an exponential organization exists and how it would like to transform the world.

An example is ‘Ideas Worth Spreading,’ which is the MTP of TED, another exponential organization. TED decided that it would like to transform into a reputable source of online talks and accelerated to achieve that. However, for acceleration, exponential organizations need to make data-driven decisions with the help of big data analytics from Vates. Vates offers big data analytics services that help companies make business-intelligent decisions.

Exponential organizations workers d

Hire Vates for Digital Transformation

With the help of innovation, disruption, and acceleration, your business can grow exponentially and succeed. At Vates, we offer custom software development services that develop custom applications for different operations at your company, innovating it as much as possible. These custom applications will also boost employee productivity and independence, allowing your exponential organization to apply disruption. Moreover, our big data consulting services allow your business to accelerate by making data-driven decisions.

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