Partnership Program


Our Partnership Referral Program

Bringing in prospects can land you serious commissions through our Partnership Referral Program. All you have to do is refer a prospect or lead to Vates, we will contact them, and if the customer ends up buying our services and products, you will receive a commission!

Monthly Commissions

You can receive monthly commissions for the first year of business with any prospect or contact you refer to our program.

Partnership Support

Our Partnership Team will provide you with the resources you need to find referral opportunities in your network, such as marketing collateral, training materials, and more!

Our Partnership Sales Rep Program

Vates can provide the training you need to sell independently and become a sales rep on our behalf. We can accompany you to provide support at any part of the sales process. We also provide you with invaluable resources like a sales playbook, potential leads, and the necessary software tools you need to complete the sale.

If we end up getting the client, you will receive higher commissions than through the partnership referral program.


Why Partner with Vates?

We provide a non-binding simple agreement with no minimum commitments. You will also be able to increase your value within your personal network by being associated as an industry leader in the Vates Nearshore Custom Software Development agency.

We offer:


Training Materials


Partnership Support


A Chance to Earn Money

Excellent Record

With over 30 years of field experience in the software and IT industry, we offer the best IT services and top IT talent. Our huge team of developers, engineers, designers, researchers, and other top talent can ensure the quality and effective execution of each project.


30+ Experience Years


115+ Happy Clients in 2020


515+ Team Experts

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Our high-quality IT consultancy services can help digitally transform your business, and increase productivity, sales, efficiency, and workflow for your company.

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