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Agile Teams

Our methodological experience under the CMMI standard has permitted us to incorporate the best practices of software development and agile implementation with Scrum.


Agile methodologies have proven to be one of the most effective ways to adapt to the changes of a software project’s life cycle. Agile methods offer an important competitive advantage, along with cost optimization, vital in these times. At Vates we believe agility is a fundamental part of the success of our projects. We start with an in-depth analysis of our client’s business needs and then create interdisciplinary work teams which implement our agile Scrum process and guarantee the success of all our development projects.

Tangible benefits:

  • Deeper level of involvement of the development team and increased motivation;
  • Regular and systematic review of the client’s expectations;
  • Flexibility and adaptation to change;
  • Teams may work onsite with the client, in our own offices, or in a mixed format;
  • Allows early identification of deviations and greater optimization of cost for our clients


  • Scrum teams: made up of Scrum Masters, Developers, Functional Testers, and Automators;
  • Scrum coaching: we support our clients in adapting agile methods to their internal team so that they may understand the mechanics of the processes that will drive their projects;
  • Product Owner Mentoring: we understand that the role of the Product Owner is crucial for the day to day functioning of an agile project. We offer mentoring to the persons who will be responsible for carrying out this role;
  • Focal Point: we provide personnel who are trained to work in the role of Focal Point, actively collaborating with the Product Owner in their responsibilities related to the project.