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Turn-key Projects (tailor-made development)

Every company has different interests and objectives which stem from the specific nature of their business and the realities of their industry.


At Vates our first priority is quality, which to us means going above and beyond our clients’ expectations. Our development services focus on creating solutions that best satisfy the individual needs of each client, based on their specific market and unique business strategies.

What is tailor-made development?

Tailor-made development involves creation of a software product which is a perfect fit to the client’s requirements. Each product is adapted to the necessities of the client, not the other way around as often occurs in the acquisition of commercial software packets. We start from a clear identification of the client’s needs and the translation of these needs to software specifications. Each tailor-made development project is designed to produce a software product which contains all the characteristics agreed upon with the client.

What is a project?

A project is an organized undertaking designed to meet a particular objective within a determined period of time. Although similar projects may exist, each of our tailor-made projects is one of a kind and unique.

Characteristics of a project

  • Clear time frame with an established beginning and end.
  • Defined and measurable deliverables whether they are products, services, or results
  • Progressive construction: development occurs in stages through the iterative incremental approach
  • It differs from a continuous development in that the project has a start and end date as well as a pre-determined work schedule

Vates develops software for diverse industries on distinct technological platforms and bases its development on engineering and management practices aligned to quality models and agile methodologies. These best practices assure the fulfillment of our commitment to the client.

Our R&D area permanently supports development through innovation, delivery of components and standardization of high quality productivity tools.

Our training programs meet the needs of our qualified professionals so that they may face the distinct challenges of each new project.

Our infrastructure is adapted to each project, allowing remote access to the client’s installations or a virtualized client environment. This allows us to carry out all of the necessary testing and guarantee the correct functioning of the product before it is deployed.