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Testing and Quality

With over 20 years experience in software quality control processes, Vates provides testing service models that allow our clients to be confident in the quality of the products and processes used by their business. Flexibility and scalability of projects, operational cost reduction, and optimized time-to-market are some of the benefits that our clients enjoy.


Testing as Service(TaaS)

Our testing as service (TaaS) model allows our clients the flexibility to adjust the service to their needs.

Our clients provide the software and the documentation; we facilitate the preparation of testing environments and build teams of professionals with the specific abilities needed for each service.

At Vates we promote a spirit of collaboration, synergy and innovation. Our R&D department continuously seeks improved approaches, as well as new technologies, tools, and methodologies that will enable greater efficiency.

Automated Testing

Automated Testing is more important now than ever before, given the evolution of development trends such as Continuous Integration, Behaviour Driven Testing, and Test Driven Development.

We have diverse experience with many software tools and automation languages.


Functional Testing

Our teams carry out the analysis and design of test cases throughout the entire life cycle of the software development process. This guarantees efficient, defect-free production of the software your business requires. Manual and exploratory testing is complemented by the parallel execution of automated test cases, allowing for a broad range of testing based on the level required: unit testing, component testing, regression testing, systems testing and systems integration testing

Performance Testing

Many problems that arise in systems under production are related to issues of scalability and availability such as number of simultaneous users, time between errors, number of hits per second, and volume of data transferred, among others. These setbacks can be detected in early stages, optimizing time and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Vates offers stress testing services which utilize open source tools, allowing the analysis and detection of any issues related to scalability and availability.


User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

We transform ourselves into the key users of your business in order to validate each user acceptance test and ensure the desired implementation is achieved.

We provide application homologation services in order to make the software development and implementation process more agile and guarantee correct functioning of each process.

Usability and Compatability Testing

We help our clients improve the user experience for their applications and reduce development costs. The verification of flows, combined with UX best practices, assures that all digital products meet user needs as well as organizational objectives, avoiding unnecessary development.

Social and Mobile

Social Networks as well as mobile devices have become indispensible to businesses as they mark key factors for growth.

At Vates we assure the correct functioning of social applications as well as multi-device compatibility, with the response time that our clients require for the fast-paced dynamics of social networks.

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