Top 6 Ways to Ensure a Great Web User Experience

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It’s no secret that your website is an essential part of your digital marketing efforts. If you want a successful business, you need to give your customers and clients an amazing web user experience. But if you’re aiming to design a good website, you need to understand the different issues your users can have.

Digital design trends are constantly evolving, making your website look outdated. Here are some ways to ensure a positive user experience without redesigning your website over and over again.

Do Your Research

When it comes to UX design, you need to know who the website is for. Once you understand your audience, you can start designing your user interface. Ask yourself questions about your audience’s needs and what you can do better than your competitors.

However, finding out about your target audience doesn’t mean you should break the bank. Just know what demographic you want to target, like below the age of 40, older people, professionals, students, etc. This way, you can understand how to improve user experience.

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Have Clear Call to Actions

It might be easy to gloss over call to action when you’re focused more on your web page layout. But CTAs are probably the most crucial tool to convert leads. Your audience is already used to CTAs to know which content Is important for them, and this helps them easily navigate the website.

Every page of your website needs one distinct yet compelling call to action in the form of a button or a link. This could range from a button that takes the user to a navigation page, a services page, or a link that helps the client secure an appointment. 

Use White Space

It’s no exaggeration that whitespace is essential for web design. Properly using whitespace between paragraphs can boost your users’ comprehension up to 20%. It’s one of the easiest yet most effective ways to improve your web design. White space helps your content seem more legible and aids your users to focus more on the text.

However, this doesn’t mean that your website’s background should only be white. You just need to add white space between the elements of your site.

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Optimize Page Loading Time

Customers might leave your webpage in frustration if it takes too long to load. This is because we’re accustomed to getting faster content with the rise of mobile devices and varying platforms. People tend to think of a slow website as a reflection of your business, and how much you care about your business.  A slow loading website can be frustrating, which is why, most potential customers opt to move to a competitor’s website.  

The easiest solution to optimize your page loading time is to compress your images before uploading them. This is because images and other media are the biggest reason your page takes too long to load. Moreover, you can also limit the use of images or video elements to ensure that your website loads fast, within just a few seconds.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that you can owe more than half of your web traffic to mobile devices? If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you will lose some potential clients. Unfortunately, our world isn’t ideal, and your website won’t automatically fit down to any desired screen size, whether desktop or Smartphone.

Apart from worrying about the users, you also need to consider search engines. Search engines such as Google use both mobile and desktop sites to index your website. So, you also need to mobile-optimize it to make it SEO friendly and help it perform better.

Keep Your Web pages Consistent

This means everything needs to match. Flowing seamlessly and effortlessly from one part of the website to the next is extremely important for web design. If you have a clear and consistent framework design, your consumers will easily get to what they want.

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Moreover, your design elements, heading sizes, font colors, font styles, spacing, illustration styles, etc., should be coherent to make it easier for your user to navigate. If there is a distinct design change from one page to the next, you’re bound to make the user confused. Inconsistent websites could have them question if they’re in the right place, and it’s likely that they’ll click out.

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