UI/UX Developer and Designer: Understanding The Difference

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The global UI and UX industry is expected to reach USD 1346.20 million by 2028. As IT, IoT, AI, and digitalization gain pace in the business landscape, more people are actively pursuing careers in digital marketing.

Short of User Experienced, UX is defined as a user’s journey and likeness when browsing a mobile or web app. It also applies to website layouts and designs and is measured by key performance indicators like user-friendliness and speed. On the other hand, User Interface, UI, refers to the components on a webpage or an app page. It includes everything from buttons, drop-down menus, and toggles to icons and images.

However, when creating a new app or software, business managers often confuse a UI/UX designer and a UI/UX developer. While both functions go hand-in-hand, they’re drastically different from one another.

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In this blog, you will learn all the key differences between a UI/UX designer and a developer. It will help you decide whether you need a developer or a designer to maximize your app or software’s performance and visual appeal.

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Getting to Know UI/UX in Detail

Development and design, as the name suggests, are two consecutive functions. But before we get into the ins and outs of them, let’s learn a bit more about UI and UX. Both tasks have three mutual goals:

  • Initiate and innovate a business model with design thinking capabilities
  • Identify user and customer needs
  • Create and launch offerings that entice, delight, and hook customers

UX vs. UI

UX or User Experience applied to both digital and physical offerings. Whereas User Interface only applies to digital products. For example, a car manufacturer can measure its assembly line software as well as the vehicle’s user experience metric.

On the contrary, it can track the user interface for the assembly line software.

Another key difference between the two is that UX encompasses a user or customer’s entire journey, from seeing a product to buying, using, and disposing of it.

On the other hand, UI refers only to the visual appeal and attraction of a digital tool used via a smartphone, watch, laptop, or any other digital device.

UI/UX Developer vs. UI/UX Designer

Now you know the major features that set UI and UX apart. It’s time to delve deeper and find out when you should consider hiring a UI/UX designer or a developer:

UI/UX Developer

Developers are backend professionals. They don’t have anything to do with how a product looks and appeals to the users. They focus on creating error-free and streamlined wireframes, integrated pathways, and security features.

However, that doesn’t mean a developer doesn’t have an idea of what the final visual appeal will be like. They work in liaison with the UI/UX designers to intermix the creative and functional aspects of a device or software.

Developers work on codes, machine languages, and integration tools to create a cohesive digital gadget.

Job Description

A UI/UX developer has to conduct the following tasks regularly:

  • Conduct end-to-end research about user preferences, market trends, and product advancements
  • Identify buyer/user persona to create a product that gets the job done for them
  • Observe and test competitor’s offerings to understand the grey areas and improvements
  • Create workflow charts
  • Create MVPs and prototypes
  • Communicate with the designers to align visual and functional aspects

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What to Look for in a UI/UX Developer When Hiring One

If you’re in the market to hire a UI/UX developer, here’s what to look for:

  • Proficiency in different programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • App language know-how such as Ruby and Ajax
  • Complete hands-on experience and expertise in illustrators and Photoshop software applications
  • SEO know-how, CMS familiarity, and software development expertise

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX designers are the magicians. They’re the ones who tackle the entire visual appeal of an app or a software system. They’re all about maximizing user traction, user-friendliness, and interface appeal. UI/UX designers also work closely with the developers to successfully translate their brand’s identity into a single digital product.

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They focus on clearly and quickly extending messages to the users via strategically designed screen touchpoints.

Job Description

A UI/UX designer has the following major responsibilities:

  • Periodical user research
  • Feedback acquisition and application
  • Improve attractiveness and interactivity
  • Update and fix errors
  • Create mockups for mobile apps, software systems, and websites
  • Work with the marketing team to create a holistic social media, app, and web SEO strategy
  • Test and trial new features

What to Look for in a UI/UX Designer When Hiring One

Your UI/UX designer must possess the following capabilities:

  • Complete knowledge of visual design software apps
  • Command on coding languages
  • Know-how of the latest UI/UX designs and industry protocols
  • Ability to communicate app/software progress and identify loopholes in their designs

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