What is an ExO Sprint, and How Can Your Startup Benefit From It?

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Exponential organizations have taken the world by storm. Generating billions in revenues in less than a decade, emerging as industry leaders, and changing the industries around them. ExOs are revolutionary forces and the face of the modern business world.

From software development companies such as Vates to non-IT businesses, exponential methodology is on everyone’s mind. However, becoming exponential is not just about knowing the basics through books and blogs.

To become an exponential organization, startups must enroll themselves for ExO Sprints conducted by leading ExO members such as Vates. This blog will tell you what ExO Sprints are and how your startup can become exponential by joining one.

Most importantly, we’ll tell you why it’s important for all startups to become exponential organizations.

What is an ExO Sprint?

An ExO Sprint, conducted by leading IoT consulting companies such as Vates, is an eight-to-ten-week long coaching session. ExO Sprint is divided into eight stages during which ExOcoaches and disruptors help startups innovate, find feasible ideas, execute those ideas as Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and then launch.

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Stages of ExO Sprint

Here’s a phase-wise explanation of each ExO Sprint stage.


Assess is a 30-day long groundwork session. During this stage, ExO coaches assess a startup’s existing structure, build two or more teams, and walk through the upcoming strategies. Assess stage also covers interviews to identify the right skillsets among team members and give an overview to the startup about what to expect in the next eight weeks.


Week one of ExO Sprint comprises the Awake session. This in-person session is held with all the stakeholders, including executives, entrepreneurs, and team members. At this stage, leading panelists and experts from Vates discuss exponential methodologies, technologies, and the benefits of incorporating those in a startup.


Next up is Align. This session is conducted during the first or second week. During the Align stage, ExO coaches sit with the teams to help them brainstorm innovative ideas, discuss their startups’ strengths and weaknesses and channel their creativity.


The Define stage goes on during weeks two to four. This stage is mostly conducted virtually, where each team discusses its exponential ideas and thinks of execution strategies.

For businesses that enroll in ExO Sprint with international software development company like Vates, this stage requires each team to come up with at least ten innovative ideas. The ideas are discussed with ExO coaches throughout the sessions and refined to perfection.

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This is a one-day in-person session held during the fifth week. Disrupt sessions allows all the teams to present their exponential ideas to their ExO coaches, investors, and stakeholders. This is much like a seed funding pitch where the most viable idea is expected to win.


Refine, as the name suggests, is the stage when ideas are refined and polished by the ExO coaches and experts at Vates. The Refine stage lasts another two to three weeks as the sprint enters its ninth week. All the teams work on refining either Core Ideas or Edge Ideas.


This is one of the last stages of the ExO Sprint, where the team with the most potential, robust idea, and exponential tendency takes the win. All the teams present their ideas to the stakeholders and executives, who then pick the most viable idea to nourish further.


While Launch is the last stage of an ExO Sprint session, IoT solutions providers such as Vates also help their startup clients execute the conceived ideas. Execute is a post-sprint phase during which ExO coaches of Vates help startups launch the product with an MVP and move on to a large-scale production stage.

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How Can an ExO Sprint Help Your Startup?

While you may see unicorn startups racking in billions and exponential becoming the new norm, you may wonder why you need an ExO Sprint. The answer is right here for you.

Kickstart Your Journey

A startup does not just need an innovative idea and a smart team. Sometimes, and in these times particularly, you need more than just good ideas to make it big. An ExO Sprint helps you to test the water before you step into it and know the ground realities of your startup.

Find the Right MTP

An exponential organization always has a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP), and a startup may lack it on its own. When your startup enrolls in an ExO Sprint, you can find your MTP with the help of expert ExO coaches of Vates. An MTP is like a foundation stone of your startup upon which you can build your startup’s strength.

Begin with a Solid MVP

Next to an MTP is an MVP. During the initial stages of an ExO Sprint, startups and their teams can develop an MVP to test the market and then proceed if it’s viable. However, if you skip on going to an ExO Sprint and directly launch a product, you may encounter failure soon than you anticipate.

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Innovate Your Way Through

Individuals are often unable to channel their creativity while working in a corporate setup. However, an ExO Sprint takes professionals and entrepreneurs out of the corporate environment, helps them brainstorm ideas, and innovates exponentially.

Disrupt the Industry

All the exponential organizations are meant to disrupt the industries. And it may come off as no surprise that almost all industries are vulnerable to disruption right now. By enrolling your startup in an ExO Sprint by Vates nearshore outsourcing firm, you can be equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and mentoring to become a disruptor or protect yourself from disruptions in the future.

Benefit from Cultural Shift

ExO Sprints work to change the workplace culture and business processes from top to bottom. The cultural shift is especially beneficial in today’s business world, where successful enterprises are changing the way things worked in the past. This cultural shift cannot be achieved without joining something as advanced as an ExO Sprint.

Find Expert Help

As a startup, you may find data consultants or business analysts that offer you insights. However, to become a successful startup in 2022, you need more than consulting services! You must have expert ExO coaches and mentors guide you through the process of innovation, disruption, and acceleration.

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Identify the Talent

ExO Sprints also help startups identify the talent of their existing teams. You may want to hire more people, use people differently, or have a unique recruitment approach after you go through a sprint. This will filter your hiring process and help you maximize your resources.

Suppress Corporate Immunity

Corporate immunity hinders growth across businesses. By enrolling themselves in ExO Sprints by Vates, startups learn to suppress this system. Your startup will be able to introduce processes, hire people, and put incentives in place that promote innovation instead of individual success.

Leverage Exponential Technology

Exponential organizations are leveraging exponential technologies. But how will your startup know the right technology that you need to excel in your industry? From AI to big data to robotics, ExO Sprints help startups identify the right exponential technology or a combination that works best for a startup.

Emerge as an Industry Leader

If you wish to emerge as an industry leader, enrolling for ExO Sprint is the only way forward. Businesses that opt for ExO Sprints by Vates have sustainable business plans, achievable goals, and disruptive ideas that make a global impact.

ExO Sprints help startups maximize their potential and leverage technology for growth.

Long-Term Success, Widespread Reach

An ExO Sprint may just be conducted over the course of a few weeks. However, the learning you will take home will continue for years. Startups and even established companies are participating in ExO Sprints to achieve long-term success, widespread reach, and solidify their industry position.

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Businesses Must Become Exponential Because

Here’s why your startup or organization must become exponential:

  1. Exos are generating higher revenuesthan linear business organizations.
  2. Leading the industries with innovative ideas, disruptive business practices, and robust solutions.
  3. Changing business dynamics for themselves and those around them.
  4. Eliminating limitations and pushing boundaries of geography, finances, and asset-building.
  5. Making global impacts with services and products that the world desperately needs.

Ready to Become an Exponential Organization?

Are you ready to become an exponential organization right away? Then join the VatesExO Launchpad and ExO Sprint. Conducted over ten weeks, our ExO Sprints are ideal for entrepreneurs, tech startups, and professionals seeking to achieve excellence.

Vates is one of the ExO members helping startups become exponential with the help of its ExO Launchpad, coaches, and ExO tools and methodologies.

You can also get in touch with us at Vates to hire our Big Data analytics consulting services, software testing services, and custom software development. We are a leading South American software development company based in Argentina, with our clients spread across the globe.

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