Why Does IoT Matter for Your Business

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IoT, AKA the Internet of Things, is transforming businesses in several ways. It has become an unprecedented tool for profit growth and tech adoption. IoT has also allowed business managers to streamline their departments and simplify data sharing.

Vates is a highly reliable and trusted IoT services provider. Our offices are located in Argentina, Chile, and Atlanta. We’re considered the best nearshore IoT and software services provider and have been recognized as a top B2B company by The Clutch UK. Our experts strongly recommend businesses, especially the ones in their initial years, leverage the power of IoT.

Internet of Things is a fully integrated, connected, and intertwined set of networks and devices that make data sharing, transfer, and retrieval easier for employees. It helps in increasing employee autonomy and helps them make better day-to-day business decisions.

But that’s not all. IoT has a special place in every successful business’s core. And we’re going to unveil that position in this blog. Continue reading to learn why IoT is important to escalate business performance and efficiency.

1. Big Data Analytics for the Win

Big data is the biggest technology feat any business can adopt. It has an enormous capacity to turn your business around and push it to the top. Skyrocketing success is based on how well a firm understands its customers and clients. And big data helps with just that!

With smart and advanced data collection methods, you can acquire customer information and track purchase behaviors. It helps in gauging what they do and don’t like and their ever-changing expectations.

IoT and big data’s marriage also helps firms understand market trends, customer preferences, and long-term business boosting strategies. Vates has an impeccable IT consultancy and big data firm offering high-end nearshore IT consultancy, software development, and IT maintenance and support services. We can help you identify the grey areas in your IT strategy and suggest necessary updates.

2. Expanding Remote Workforce

The pandemic’s over, and we’re back to normal. But there’s one thing that’s here for good: remote work.

Organizations have always avoided remote and work-at-home policies until the pandemic made it necessary. And now, we’re noticing global giants stick to a hybrid work policy allowing employees greater satisfaction and flexibility. It has also increased the retention rate and has helped workers improve their work-life balance.

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But what has ensured the smooth and streamlined remote work policy adoption across the globe? Yes, the IoT is the correct answer. With interconnected systems, devices, software applications, and CMS systems, firms can scale and manage a huge workforce.

Hire Vates to take one step further toward the data-driven and digitalized business landscape. Our IT consulting, big data analytics, and IoT/IoB services will surely help your business flourish and expand its customer base.

They can expand their remote employee base internationally by eliminating geographic boundaries. IoT capabilities have helped them perform a variety of tasks with accuracy, effectiveness, and measurability.

3. Industry-Specific Automation

IoT is not just about introducing software and hardware tools with integration capabilities. It’s also about excelling in your particular industry. Here are some classic examples of IoT bringing a drastic change in traditional industry-specific functions:

  • Logistics and supply chain businesses are deploying fleet, warehouse, and traffic control management modules for faster and more accurate fulfillment.

Wi Fi symbol displayed on a mobile screen

  • Municipalities and local traffic control authorities can track emergencies, accidents, and blockages virtually.
  • Fast-tracking repair, maintenance, and resolution procedures in the manufacturing sectors, such as automotive design, equipment assembly, and FMCG production.
  • Monitoring periodical energy consumption, wastage, and demand to reduce carbon footprint and improve energy consciousness.
  • Advancing weather detection tools to identify potential hazards and emergency weather situations in a particular geographic region.

In addition to IoT and big data consulting, Vates specializes in custom software development and IT consultancy services assisting businesses to take the right steps at the right time. Our IT solutions are considered the best in town. We have offices in Cordoba, Argentina, Santiago de Chile, and Buenos Aires with local and international client bases.

4. IoT and The Post-Pandemic Business Landscape

The Internet of Things has justified its pivotal role in helping business managers digitalize and automate their units. It has also allowed them to prepare for the new normal. COVID-19 struck the world back in 2020 and created a long-lasting economic downturn. As our lives got back to normal, businesses feared the restrictions would hamper their success and growth.

Different digital devices connected via IoT

That’s where IoT came to the rescue. With advanced automation techniques and digital technologies, firms slowly yet dramatically prepared and settled into the new normal. Here’s how:

Smart Touch Features

IoT helped firms introduce no-touch, online, and control access features. These modules were extremely effective volatile compounds.

IoT also helped firms interconnect hardware systems such as HVAC and robotic cleaning devices. You can leverage IoT to improve your firm’s environmental and behavior-controlling ability.

Touchless Payment Modules

Another excellent feature that IoT introduced to the post-pandemic world is touchless payment. It hasn’t just enabled firms to reduce virus transmission but has allowed them to save heaps of dollars in the long run.

Customers have also shown their interest in using such features that are accurate, risk-free, and time-efficient.

Let Vates’ IT Consulting, IT Support and Maintenance, and Software Development Service Teams Help You Turn Your Organization into the Next Big ExO!

At Vates, we believe in offering the most advanced IT services. Our IT support, maintenance, consulting, strategy planning, and digital transformation teams can help you take your business to the next level. You can rest assured that your company’s IT department will thrive and grow by the day with the help of our expert IT consultants and software developer.

We can revise and integrate all the different aspects of your business’s IT structure, diversify internal operations, and improve system functionality.

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