Why partner with Us

Top 10% IT Talent

We thrive in finding the Top 10% IT Talent to fulfill every project’s needs.


Our team evaluates over 500.000 applicants every year to find the most talented Software Engineers, who we provide with continuous and extensive training.

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Time Zone Aligned

Living and working in the same time zone removes friction and allows for seamless integration. 


Our talent wakes-up with the East Coast and ends the day with the Pacific Coast making everyday work, meetings, and collaboration natural.

Experienced Team

With an average of more than 10 years of experience, our Senior Engineers have the expertise your projects need.


Our 100% bilingual talented professionals have the practical experience to face every challenge and are certified in the latest technologies and methodologies.

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Agile Methodologies

Vates project managers, from our Vates Hive, are certified in and utilize Agile methodologies Our clients from Fortune 500 companies to smaller boutique IT firms love it. Faster results with lower risks.

Vates Lab Support

The Vates Lab program sets us apart from other nearshore software development companies as we lead the adoption of emerging technology to drive innovation.


Within the lab, we harness the power of prototyping to reduce costs and mitigate risks. The Vates Lab team is composed of senior Customer Software developers, systems integrators, systems engineers, IoT engineers, Big Data engineers, Computer Vision engineers, Machine Learning specialists, and more.

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You want to contract the best software devs at a competitive price?

If your IT projects seem to be lacking due to insufficient expertise and knowledge, you can always contact us to cover the skill gaps for you. We can overcome any staffing issues that you may have, giving you the benefit of becoming agile as you adapt to the changing digital world.

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